Hummingbird Interior Designs work on an hourly, per-room or per-project basis. HID have been proud to leave new and repeat clients happy with all aspects of their services, including charging fair and competitive pricing.

For example, for a staging and reorganizing consultation on an hourly rate of $90-$130 can include the whole home advice, or a per project price of actually undertaking every aspect of the decluttering, refreshing walls and furnishings and accessories (including the sourcing) on an average 3bedroom home can range anywhere from $399 upwards, depending on the scope of work and materials involved.

As an interior designer Tanya Freedman offers consultations by the hour or per project, about any part of the home and give suggestions based on the client’s approximate budget. If there are any structural changes to open up rooms (such as the ever popular kitchen into the old style dining rooms,) then once again it depends on the HID’s contractor fees and availability. HID would take care of the project discussed from beginning to end. But as these projects can vary vastly according to so many reasons, HID can give a step-by-step quotation after the initial hour meeting. $90-$130 per hour.

For your particular needs, please contact the Principal of HID, Tanya Freedman, who will be happy to arrange a consultation to ascertain your project needs.

Email: Contact @ TanyaFreedman . com (with no spaces)

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