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Welcome to Hummingbird Interior Designs (HID). Here you can find easy, step-by-step guidelines on how you can bring order and beauty into your life, on budget, with ongoing help and tips to stay on top of it all.

With COVID19 forcing us to think and live differently, I’m offering special help to anyone who needs and seeks it at this difficult time. 

Whether you’re

  • trying to keep your head above water personally or professionally,
  • searching for a new way of getting what you need – and want – in your life,
  • starting out on a new venture,
  • exploring new job opportunities,
  • looking for a new partner or companion,
  • discovering a new purpose,

 – we all need a comfortable and safe haven to call home.

With my guidance and just a few hours of focused attention to organization, you’ll be amazed by how much can be achieved. And a bonus is you may well rediscover those misplaced things among the stuff that always seems to pile up. I can show you simple solutions to quickly cut the clutter that will literally transform your life (physically, emotionally and even spiritually. As long as you’re patient and stay committed. That’s where I can help.

Please call or email me with any questions.

Email: OR call (416) 275 6616

Tanya Freedman
Founder and Principal Designer
Hummingbird Interior Designs

What are your biggest issues at present?

Need to declutter while keeping costs low?

Need to get organized but don’t know where to start?

No space to work in quietly without interruptions?

No desk or work-space in your home?

Too much stuff in a room where you could set up a useful and practical office space?

Little or no peace & quiet or time to focus on work – or anything else – because of distractions and stress?

Let Me, Tanya Freedman, Bring Order and Beauty Into Your Life – Email Me Now.

bring beauty and order into your life

With a few photos and answers from you at our initial free 20 Minute consultation, I will be able to set a plan in motion for you, should you want my help.

What you can do with my guidance:

  • update a room in your home or office
  • redesign a whole floor or house
  • declutter
  • reconfigure
  • stage for resale or other reasons

No time like the present!

No one will gift you more time, you have to make it and take it whenever any opportunities arise. With the COVID19 pandemic, it’s given many of us the time to take stock of what is working and what needs to change, for the better.

Starting in your home is the foundation of everything else falling into place. Try it and see for yourself!

Reach out now and start a better, more organized life.

HID is packed with invaluable tips and tricks and information you may use to bring order and beauty into your life–both personally and professionally.

Making changes all at once or one room or even section at at time.

Do some of the work yourself, hire professionals OR a combination of the two.

COVID19 Help at home from Tanya Freedman Founder and Principal Designer of HID:

Let me help you organize your space over Skype, Whatsapp, or FaceTime:

Because of the new norm thrown at us all by COVID19 it is even more important to organize your home, eek some small space or a room for your office area. On a reasonable budget. I can help at this difficult time. 

You can email me with any design, decluttering, reorganizing or move related questions, at no cost for the initial 20 minute consultation.

Special Offer:

Knowing how imperative it is for us to stay healthy and as calm and organized over these hard times, I can help you over Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp (It’s much simpler than you may think) at a special rate until July 31, 2022: CA$95CA$65 per hr.

With my help and supervision you can accomplish a lot over an hour or two, and I’ll teach you everything you need to know to extend this knowledge, tips and tricks to the rest of your home.

Read the Tips and Tricks you will be able to apply in your home or office, immediately.

HID is based in Ontario, but services the whole of North America and the globe thanks to online and other connectivity options.

Online help and Skype services: 

How does remote office or home organizing work? Even before COVID19 many people have had great success with getting help from a professional, starting with a closet, a section or one room at a time. 

No matter where you are in the world, if you have a laptop or tablet and internet, through Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, FaceTime, you’ll be able to see the organizer on the screen, and she, in turn will be able to look at your problem areas and guide you step-by step what you can do, and the various options which may be available to you.

Taking advantage of the technology at hand, and the time you may have while at home, or working from home, this may be your best opportunity to tackle that closet, section, a whole room or entire floor of your home. No time like the present.

I will be happy to work with you online. Please email me with your questions and requirements. Photos and phone calls have been very productive for many of HID’s clients.

Please contact Tanya Freedman for any additional promotions or information:

You may also like to visit HID’s sister company, – where you will find many more inspirational and practical ideas for your home, office or holiday space.

An orderly and beautifully organized space is within your reach.

Contact HID with any questions or for more information: Email:

Upcoming Book – Spring 2021

Tanya Freedman has been busy on a large project near and dear to her heart: her own personal home renovation. She plans to share the ups and downs and lessons learned along the way – including the amazing before and after transformations – in an upcoming book, (yet to be named,) in the Spring 2021.

In the meantime, she would be delighted to hear from you with any questions or requests to help with your small or large project. Whether it is to reorganize or declutter a small area of your home for a better way of living, and utilizing all your available space, or for resale or downsizing, Hummingbird Interior Designs is here for you.

Email Tanya Freedman at or now.

Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative – Thank you!

A big “thank you” to all those who participated in the latest October fundraiser. For Breast Cancer Awareness month, Tanya Freedman gave away FOUR 30-minute decluttering and staging consultation sessions, absolutely free. Whether you’re a real estate agent in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada), or are a private home owner in the GTA, Tanya Freedman offers her expert, tried and true advice to best showcase and utilize your home and investment. Visit a recent example of how her team’s — and the home owner’s — efforts resulted in the Thornhill home being sold for over $20,000 more than expected within three weeks of listing.

Look out for more new projects with before and after pictures and tips, coming soon.