Build Your Own Designer Memory Palace

Build Your Own Designer Memory Palace

I just fell in love with a new (to me) and amazing blogger, Lisa Borgnes Giramonte. I had to share what she inspired me to look into: If you’re like me with not the best memory in the world, or you’re just so busy and inundated with so much ‘stuff’ to do and remember, then check out
this book The Memory Palace.

The Memory Palace - Learn Anything and Everything (Starting With Shakespeare and Dickens) (Faking Smart Book 1)

Here’s a link to Lisa’s blog discussing this. Build Your Own Memory Palace

Why I really enjoyed this idea is because of the literary connotations.

In the meantime here are some questions that I found in my online search
of this intriguing find.

What is memory palace?

The memory palace technique is about changing your memories into images placed
in a familiar mental location. The idea is that you can mentally walk through your Palace
looking at your memories to recall them.

How to build your own Memory Palace?





Tanya Freedman,

Hummingbird Interior Designs