Thornhill 3-Bed Gallery

In this lovely three bedroom Thornhill home had a young family with three small children and another one only a month away. They needed to declutter and bring back the luster of the home to sell as soon as possible. The first of the two stages was to declutter 75% of the furniture and the living paraphernalia like so many people have, and to paint the walls of the darker areas, such as the main floor and the two bedrooms upstairs, in a creamy white tone. The second stage was to bring back only those pieces of furniture and accessories that would highlight the lofty space and the comfort and layout of the beautiful home with which would attract prospective buyers.  The team of painters and assistants to help declutter and the staging (and sourcing) undertaken by HID, took under two weeks, to meet the clients’ deadline. The house sold with five good offers within a week. HID’s efforts raised the selling price by an estimated $20k than the family expected. Total estimated cost of the work done was $2,800.

Tanya Freedman will be posting in mid July more details of this project, and the step by step instructions on how you can accomplish your own ‘before’ and ‘after’ magic with a little help. Watch this space.